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Mapy.cz, s.r.o. zfúzovali do Seznam.cz a.s
Tuesday, 01 October 2013

Dnem 1.10.2013 je dokončena fúze firem Mapy.cz, s.r.o. (dříve PlanStudio, s.r.o.) a Seznam.cz, a.s. Divize data a SmartMaps se tak definitivně stávají součástí české internetové jedničky Seznam.cz. Kromě administrativních věcí se pro zákazníky Mapy.cz s.r.o. a uživatele SmartMaps nic nemění.

Mapové podklady pro Středočeskou ovocnou stezku
Monday, 14 January 2013

Společnost Mapy.cz dodala mapové podklady pro projekt Středočeské ovocné stezky.

Nová turistická mapa na serveru Mapy.cz
Thursday, 12 July 2012

Seznam.cz dnes dopoledne aktualizoval podklady pro turistickou mapu na serveru mapy.cz. Nová mapa je dílem naší společnosti!

Mapa pro Křivoklátské okruhy
Tuesday, 10 July 2012

28. června byly pro cyklisty slavnostně otevřeny Křivoklátské okruhy. Informační tabule i letáčky byly vytvořeny v naší společnosti.

Vítězství firemní štafety na Klacky[3]Open
Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Naši zaměstnanci zvítězili ve 3. ročníku prestižního závodu firemních štafet v orientačním běhu - Klacky Open!

Nový mapový portál
Tuesday, 10 April 2012

V průběhu března byl dokončen mapový portál pro společnost GO Česká republika.

Comprehensive maps

Comprehensive maps

 In our printed and digital maps, you will find lots of interesting information, which our competitors often lack - offices, schools, monuments, traffic lights, one-way streets, public transport stops, and much more.

Digital maps

Digital maps

The Map Processing Technology enables us to offer a wide range of map products - from data sales, to the use in GIS and navigation systems, up to the printing of traditional and wall maps.

Fine maps

Fine maps

Our maps are not just "wired models", but a true cartographic series with a balanced code of symbols that takes into account the extensiveness and readability of the maps at the same time.

Interactive maps

Interactive maps

Our databases are linked with maps to easily locate an object and view further detailed information (opening hours, contacts, photos, etc.), by clicking on the object.

Dynamic maps

Dynamic maps

All our maps are continuously updated and thanks to the optimized production system, this information is always available to users in a very short time.

Accurate maps

Accurate maps

The maps are professionally created in a coordinate system, and optimized for the use in any GIS application, or with a GPS right on the landscape.

Digital maps

  • many scales
  • map of all CZ in 1:10.000
  • bicycle map of Czech republic and Slovakia
  • map of Europe, relief map
  • API interface for webpage
  • OCX component
  • SmartMaps Navigator

Route planner

  • routing database
  • unique planning cycle paths and tourist signs
  • vertical profiles
  • data for navigation
  • points of interest


Printed maps

  • Turistic regions of Czech republic Edition
  • Roude maps and atlases
  • Maps of Prague
  • Maps for tourism and sport
  • Other maps and atlases
  • References

You are familiar with our products form your monitors and displays.

The maps and Mapy.cz systems are used by large Czech map servers , e.g.  www.mapy.cz, mapy.idnes.cz and also by several cities and regions, e.g. Praha 2Praha 14, Trutnov, ŠumavaNet, Máchův kraj. A new map server of Croatia holiday destinations has been also created.

The portfolio of Mapy.cz includes, in the first place, map materials in a wide range of scales. However, the applications designed for the use of these maps are equally important. In addition to the standard NetMap solution, we offer the API interface interface, map servlets, or the OCX component for off-line solutions.

Maps, navigation, and guides of the SmartMaps company trademark serve users of portable GPS devices, mobile phones, PDAs or PCs for the precise location, navigation and searching. A complete range of our products can be found in the e-shops  www.smartmaps.cz a www.smartgps.cz..




Updated maps

Thanks to a wide range of customers, our maps and database are constantly updated by collecting information both in the editor's office and directly in situ. Cooperation with authorities, following professional websites, and reports from our customers all add to the topicality of the work, and guarantee that we will be the first to learn about new information.

Unique functions

Only we offer the possibility of planning on marked cycle routes, and marked tourist routes throughout the whole of Czech Republic. A detailed itinerary and elevation profile are a matter of course.

Comprehensive solution

We optionally supply maps and databases including our software, which can utilize them to the maximum.

Map synergy

We are professionals both in the field of digital maps, and classic printed maps. We can offer you comprehensive services for discount prices thanks to the synergy of our map services.